We do NOT accept:

Propane tanks, liquid paints and stains, paint thinners, hazardous waste, dead animals, fluorescent light ballasts, or lawn/yard waste.

We reserve the right if any company policy is violated, waste is dumped without paying, or extra charge items are hidden to ask the customer to take the items back with them or to ask the customer not to return.

Garbage Price:

Garbage Disposal cost is $0.10/lb with a MINIMUM of $20.00 per load. Unless a previous charge account has been established all loads MUST be paid per load, prior to leaving our facility. If we need to assist in unloading, a $35.00 charge will be added.

Reminder: We do not accept checks. Cash, credit or debit card are acceptable forms of payment.

Extra Charge Items:

Televisions & Computer Monitors $20.00 each

Large Big Screen Wooden Console Television $35.00 each

Microwaves $10.00 each

Appliances with Freon (Refrigerators, Freezers, Dehumidifier, Air Conditioner) $25.00 each

The charge will be assessed unless the customer can provide documentation that the freon has been removed, or we can visually inspect that the freon is gone.

Tire Disposal Costs:

Tire Disposal
Lawnmower/ATV $5.00
15" & Under $8.00
16" - 19" $9.00
Bob Cat Tire $20.00
Fork Lift Tire $20.00
Semi or 19.5"+ $25.00
Rear Tractor $60.00