Metal Recycling

We buy and recycle almost any type of metal.

This is a list of things we DO NOT accept:


Hazardous Waste

No Precious Materials (Gold, Silver, etc.)

Propane Tanks

Light Ballasts


Batteries in vehicles or smaller item such as lawnmowers must be removed, but may be recycled at our facility.


Vehicle Disposal:

As of 05/22/24 Scrap Price is currently at $120.00/Ton.

Vehicles brought into our facility will be weighed and paid at $120.00/Ton. We do pick up complete vehicles locally to dispose of, currently we are paying $100.00/Vehicle.

Extra Charge Items:

Appliances with Freon (Refrigerators, Freezers, Dehumidifiers, Air Conditioners) $25.00 each

The charge will be assessed unless the customer can provide paperwork that the freon has been removed, or we can visually inspect that the freon is gone. If the freon has already been removed we will pay metal price for them. However, we will inspect those applicances to make sure they no longer contain food, dishes, or any other non-metal waste.

Light Ballasts $25.00 each (If removed from the light fixture, we will not accept them if they are still in light fixture)

Price List

Updated on 5/22/2024

***Please note this website is updated regularly, but for most current prices please call. We will only pay the current price listed at our establishment.***

Price List
Vehicles See Above
Mixed Metal $120.00/T
Aluminum Cans $0.60/#
#1 Copper $3.50
#2 Copper $3.40
Car Aluminum Rims $0.65
Semi Aluminum Rims $0.40
Electric Motors $0.05
Brass $2.00
Unclean Brass $0.50
CU Radiators $1.90
Unclean CU Radiators $0.75
Aluminum Radiators $0.30
Unclean AL Radiators $0.10
AL/CU Radiators $1.50
Unclean AL/CU Radiators $0.75
Painted Siding $0.50
Clean Aluminum $0.30
Unclean Aluminum $0.10


Stainless Steel $0.40
Unclean Stainless $0.05
Aluminum Wire $0.15


Wheel Weights $0.05
#1 Copper Wire $2.00
#2 Copper Wire $1.50
#3 Copper Wire $0.50
Red Stripe $0.15
AL Shavings $0.15
Extrusion $0.45
Xmas Lights



Other Notes:

When you junk a vehicle we need a clear title or you can fill out a valid State of Wisconsin Bill of Sale. A Bill of Sale states you give us permission to junk the vehicle, it's free of any leins, you are the owner or have permission from the owner to junk the vehicle. If the title shows a lein will need a lein release or we cannot accept the vehicle. You can keep your tires, otherwise we deduct the weight for the tires but do not charge separate for them.

For a non-ferrous metal load to be considered "clean" it ALL must be clean. This means nothing can stick to a magnet, or have excess garbage, wood, or other metals attached.

We can assist in unloading larger/heavy metal items, but we are not responsible for any damages caused during unloading or loading. During busy periods, or if we are short staffed a reasonable wait may be expected. We do not assist in unloading smaller items, clients should be prepared to unload their own items. We cannot assit with unloading between Noon-1:00pm as our staff is at lunch.

All metal loads are subject to inspection and anything found violating company policy will be asked to be taken back with you. If violations continue to happen we reserve the right to refuse to buy your items.

If your item is would need to be torched in order to be recycled by us we would pay half of the stated scrap price. This is likely the case on combines, dump trucks, etc. Feel free to call ahead if you have any concerns.