Gauger & Son Salvage, Inc.


Welcome to Gauger & Son Salvage, Inc.

We are a family run business located in beautiful southwest Wisconsin. We have a large yard and are able to keep late and new model vehicles. What we don't have in stock we are typically able to order and have within just a few days. We strive for personalized customer service, and excellent part quality. Our owners are William "Bill" and Eileen "Minnie" Gauger. The Employees are Scott Gauger, Pam Gauger, Mike Morrow, Matt Thomas & Justin Morrow.

Every day we work in loving memory of David A. Gauger 07/09/1969-05/30/2014.

Regular Business Hours:

Monday-Friday 8am-5pm (CST) & Saturday 8am-1pm (CST).



Recent News

As of 10/02/19 Scrap price is $5.00/Ton. The market has reached an all time low.

Aluminum Cans are $0.30/lb

Vehicles brought into our facility will be weighed and paid at $5.00/Ton. Currently, any vehicle brought to our facility (if complete) we would pay a minimum of $50 per vehicle. We can pick up complete vehicle locally to dispose of however due to awful market conditions we will not pay for them.

Effective 11/01/15 Wisconsin State Law now requires that we check every VIN# upon intake of a vehicle to check for a lien with the DOT's online registry. If you are trying to junk a vehicle with a current lien on it, just as before, we cannot accept the vehicle. We can still accept vehicle with a Bill of Sale as we are an accredited recycling facility.

We do NOT accept checks. We do accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express.

We no longer accept any propane tank, no exceptions.


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